Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Long Time Coming

I am at work. So I should be working, obviously, rather than updating my blog. Especially since I'll be taking the next week off and am already behind in what I need to do before then. But our computer system is down so I'm really not able to do anything without that. Perfect timing, right? On the bright side of things, this gives me the perfect time to update this blog after a nearly 5 month absence. I know that's a long time but I don't think that it's affected my whole 7 followers too much =)

So what has been going on in the Bauerle household? Well, a lot actually. I started working full-time at the end of June for Western Governors University. At first, it was a huge adjustment and I dreaded leaving Ryder everyday but I think I've adjusted fairly well. I really love the company I work for, and the people I work with, so that has made the change a little easier. I also have the opportunity to work remotely from home in the next few weeks or so. I meet with my supervisor on January 5 and hopefully it will be all good things!! I'm so over getting ready in the mornings and commuting!

Now, on to more important things..... Ryder. Oh my, what a sweet boy I have been blessed with! This little man is almost 18 years old and continues to amaze me each and everyday. I know he was brought to this earth for a special purpose and he lights up my life. I love taking him places with me because I love seeing how he affects other people, even strangers. It doesn't matter where we are, the mall, the grocery store, Target, Ryder is always smiling at strangers and saying 'Hi' and it's so special to see the effect that has on others.

Ryder is all boy. He's so active, climbing on everything and running everywhere he goes. His favorite toys are his trucks, blocks, Little People toys, and his toy guitar. He knows some sign language and the ones he uses most often are milk, more, all done, please, and thank you. The words he can say are hi, mama, dada, nana (for my mom and for bananas), bath, bird, cheese, juice, wawa (water), dog, wuv woo (love you ). I know I'm the mom, so forgive all the bragging, but he really is so smart! I just can't wait to see how he'll keep learning and growing.

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