Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ryder, my mom, and I went to California last weekend for a family reunion. Here we are in the Denver Airport trying to kill 3 hours inbetween our flights.
Ryder and his Great Grandma!

4 Generations!

My beautiful cousins and I
The 3 of us had so much fun, and Ryder was so good on the flights. I was really glad that I had my mom's help though because traveling with a baby is hard work!! I'm lucky that Ryder is such an easygoing baby, it really made the trip much easier. This was his 3rd time flying and the flight attendants were joking around and told me I should get him his own frequent flier number!! I might just have to do that....
It was great to see the family. Sometimes I get sad living so far away because I would love to see everyone more often, but it gives me a great excuse to visit California! Since Ryder has been here I definitely see things differently and he has helped me appreciate the smaller things in life, like family. There's nothing better.

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